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Why Seaside Financial?
With THOUSANDS of banks, savings and loans, and mortgage companies competing for YOUR loan business, why would you use US?
1)We work for YOU! Not the Bank, not the Savings and Loan or anyone else! If we can't get what you want. We don't get paid! You are the BOSS!
2)You need to find a lender you can trust! Ask any of our satisfied customers. We specifically "tailor" a loan that works for YOU, not one that fits the current guideline of some bank. You need to avoid the huge institutions that hire $7.00 per hour help, that have limited knowledge and no power to get things done. You need someone who will guide you through the mortgage maze and if needed "go to the mat" for you!
3)You need someone to help you determine which loan program is best for you! You may need a lower payment, you may need a lower rate, you may need a short term loan, you may have some credit problems, you may have little or no down payment. You need someone to show you the way! Our dedicated staff of loan professionals know that we serve a very competitive "consumer-driven" marketplace. Today, customers everywhere, are increasingly sophisticated in the ways they shop for mortgage loans and you need a company that provides personalized value-added services to customers beyond the offering of competitive interest rates and fees.
We know that we must do a better job to earn YOUR business. Seaside Financial is committed to providing our customers the highest possible personalized service.
Whether you are a first-time home buyer, move-up buyer, or an existing homeowners shopping for a mortgage loan, you've found the right people here, eager to meet your personal lending needs.

We work with accountants, financial planners, lawyers, realtors, new housing tracks as well as homeowners and potential homeowners. The deal is never done, of course, until the financing is approved. If we can't get you the loan you want, WE DON'T GET PAID!

Call us Toll Free at (888) 506-5626 for your free evaluation. If it's not what you want there is no cost to you. Interested? Click Here to APPLY NOW - complete and submit the on-line application today!
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