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Lender offers weak credit borrowers equal opportunity to lock in at lower interest rates.
As interest rates start a slight move back up, many borrowers are locking in their loans at the current interest rates. The process allows them to avoid any future rate increases, while their loan is being processed, or even just to buy time to think about their loan. Typically, the privilege of locking in a rate is only utilized by homeowners with excellent credit. One lender is offering the opportunity to lock in for those with marginal credit.

No second hand treatment for self- employed, single parents, previous bankruptcies.
The lender, Seaside Financial, says that people make mistakes, and that they sould not have to pay for those mistakes forever, Millions of Americans overextend themselves with credit cards, auto loans, and similar obligations. Seaside Financial has a lengthy track record of working with homeowners who have had financial problems and finding a way to not only approve their loan but to significantly improve their current finances. The result in almost every case is a lower monthly obligation and a steadily improving credit.
Refinancing, new purchases, second home cash-outs are all included.
Seaside Financial, is a virtual supermarket of loan products: First mortgages, second mortgages, refinances, 15 and 30 year, fixed rate, variable rates, first time home buyers. Literally any type of loan that you can think of is offered at Seaside Financial. And all can enjoy the lock in privilege. The key is to call and get the process started. In fact, you can probably lock your rate today.

Seaside Financial has a long list of happy customers.
Seaside Financial Services has been making loans in the area for over 12 years. They've made thousands of homeowners happy they came to Seaside Financial. And many are repeat customers or referrals from previous borrowers.

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