Seaside Financial Quick Form
IMPORTANT: Read before filling out SHORT FORM PRE-APPROVAL (PRE-QUALIFICATION) APPLICATION Online Short Form Pre-Approval & Credit Authorization (for California Residents Only). Seaside Financial has developed this form to help speed the pre-qualification process up. By filling out and sending the information requested below, you will be under NO obligation and will cost you, NOTHING. In return, you will be sent an e-mail Credit Authorization Form to sign, date and return via fax or regular mail for the purpose reviewing your credit. NOTE: By signing and returning the e-mail form via fax or regular mail, you will authorize Seaside Financial and Quality Credit to review your TRW/TransUnion credit history, at NO cost or obligation. PLEASE NOTE. This is a loan pre-approval (pre-qualification) service only. Final loan approval can only be issued by Seaside Financial, or our lenders, after review of a completed and signed Form 1003 application, and the underwriter has approved a complete loan submission package, including satisfactory property appraisal and title search, and any required supplementary documentation. This service is provided at NO cost, NO obligation. We'll provide you a Written Loan Pre-Approval within 24 hours from the time we: 1) Review your Short Form Application 2) Have our Loan Consultant discuss with you, via telephone, your Short Form Application, and your financing needs, and 3) Review your credit report (Note: credit is reviewed ONLY if it is necessary to evaluate specific credit issues).
In which state is the property located?
What is the purpose of the Loan?
What type of property do you have?
What are you using the property for?
What is the loan amount?
What is the property value?
Can you document your income?
Will you consider products with a pre-payment penalty?
Choose the statement that more closely describes you as a borrower: I want to pay as little as I can towards interest costs over the life of my mortgage
I am most concerned about keeping my monthly payments low.
Please estimate how long you plan on keeping this loan I'll probably refinance in a year
I plan on holding the loan for 2 to 5 years
I plan on holdong the loan for 6 to 10 years
This is it; I won't touch this loan for the next ten years
Spouse's Name:
City:    State:
E-Mail Address: *required
Monthly Gross Income: 
Combined Gross Income: 
Monthly Debt: (includes car payments, student loans, installment loans, etc. Do NOT include monthly rent/utilities)
Total Amount of savings available for home purchase:
Total Amount of gift money available from a family member:
Do you have a co-mortgagor that can assist you in qualifying for a loan?
Have you owned a home in the last three (3) years?
Are you a veteran?
If so, have you purchased a home before using VA benefits?
Do you/spouse have any defaults on government loans; filed bankruptcy; had a foreclosure?
Press SUBMIT to proceed.

Thank You. Seaside financial will send you an e-mail Credit Authorization Form for you to print out, sign and return through fax or e-mail.

If you have any questions, please call 888-506-LOAN or e-mail us: Completed application should be sent to: Seaside Financial 124 Tustin Ave #200 Newport Beach, CA 92663
Ultimately, how you answer these and other questions will determine if refinancing is right for you. We specialize in tailoring a loan to fit each individuals needs. Call us toll free for your free evaluation. If it's not what you want there is no cost to you.