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Should I Refinance Now?
When deciding whether or not to refinance, there are many factors to consider.
oHow long will I live in my home?
oWill I keep my home as a rental property?
oHow can I accelerate the payoff of my home?
oDo I need cash?
oDo I have enough equity?
oDo I want to consolidate debt?
oShould I combine my 1st and 2nd mortgage?
oWill it be cost effective to refinance?
oIs my mortgage loan large enough to consider a change?
oHow much can I Save$$
Ultimately, how you answer these and other questions will determine if refinancing is right for you. We specialize in tailoring a loan to fit each individuals needs. Call us toll free for your free evaluation. If it's not what you want there is no cost to you.
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